Circle of friends in the sun advertising how to prevent being kicked out of the circle of friends

entered in 2015, WeChat marketing has begun to cool down quickly, and WeChat official on the platform for the management of marketing more stringent. More important is that users of WeChat common scraper type marketing already hated, disgusted at the same time will directly blocked those WeChat friends. Unless it is a good friend of the relationship, otherwise all pull black shield, so WeChat marketing is doomed to fail. In fact, whether it is WeChat marketing, or other marketing methods, rough placement of advertising, and ultimately counterproductive, will only allow users to disgust, nature is not good for your products and businesses interested.


The first point:

life, do not refresh

to prevent itself from being kicked out of the circle of friends, the first thing to do is do not refresh, don’t spam advertising information regularly. Many friends are not familiar with your situation, it is best not to throw advertising, otherwise it will only give a bad impression. Pre drying out some of the daily lives of fragments, pictures and text can be, for example: a photo with a friend’s party, as well as personal travel, since the photo. Such information can attract the attention of many friends, but also does not cause other people’s resentment, it is clear that the circle of friends during this period do not know you are selling products.

second points: advertising implants, as far as possible natural

advertising implants must pay attention to skills, not blunt placement, to sell the mask as an example, there is no effect of boast mask product is good, as long as the short narrative yourself personally try to feel. A good relationship with the female WeChat friends, perhaps it will come to ask you, of course, the premise is to mask the quality of products to be qualified, selling fake goods or knockoff to friends. Not only to make what money, also disturbed your interpersonal circle, please do not offend people can not do anything. Advertising can not only be implanted into the text, pictures, but also can be integrated into the funny video, so as to have the ability to spread.

third points: playing friendship cards, often communicate

WeChat circle of friends to establish business relationships, so it is difficult to maintain a large number of potential customers, but more suitable for small business circles. Hundreds of people, thousands of people have a lot of friends, in fact, the average person’s social circle is not so great, if you attract strangers and friends, then these are not familiar with the strange friends. The most important thing is to strengthen communication and communication, there is a common interest group is more important, often in the group of friends to communicate more convenient. Single private chat needs to spend a lot of time and effort, it is difficult to do, so you can only choose the group communication mode. With interpersonal relationships can play a friendship card, the promotion of products will not be so difficult.

good communication tools, finally became the advertising WeChat marketing does the disaster caused by flooding water, cool down. WeChat want to do a good job in marketing, it is estimated to have to invest more time and cost, and WeChat marketing is not omnipotent, the key is suitable for their own products or businesses. This paper is based on htt>

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