Talk about the media in my eyes

heard the word from the media for the first time feel very fan, did not expect in twenty-first Century, but also can have such a low word so beautiful words. I don’t know what the media since that time, later to hear others explained that since the media is to make their own media, in order to explain this, I smiled for half an hour, think of the media professional journalists, writers, I can not do the media?


for the first time since the media is the brush sense of presence

later, slowly to see the transformation of blog from the media, the vast majority of space is the use of QQ and WeChat to do publicity from the media, of course, there is good publicity, the media from doing strong to a lot of friends, and even the webmaster circle later for us to set up the example from the media. But I’ve seen it, always feel a bit wrong, is the release of almost all of the content is to eat what food, where to play this news tomorrow today, I do not know what words to express this from the media, today Baidu learned a new word, called "brush"


originally from the media can be used to marketing

all day long bubble in the circle is cannot do without the word media, when I saw slowly Luo Yonghao, Lei Jun, Ma Yun micro-blog to sell mobile phone with WeChat to sell from time, may the moment is the beginning of my understanding from the media, since the media can be used for marketing. Now open the Lei Jun micro-blog, the release of information is almost entirely about millet mobile phone, Lei Jun micro-blog is from the media? Of course, why should that Lei Jun millet in the micro-blog information on it, because you can use your own micro-blog to sell mobile phone. Yes, his micro-blog does belong to his private, so his micro-blog belongs to the media, but he used to do marketing from the media, which is a typical case from the media marketing.

how to calculate from the media

is used at the beginning of the sentence makes me laugh for half an hour of words to explain, since the media is to make their own media, through the media release of information accumulated fans in marketing, similar to the situation we had long ago seen, such as: QQ, Sina blog space text control, can be called from the media. Just at that time may be a misnomer, not to explain this phenomenon from the media so fashionable, so that access to the internet almost people are regarded as from the media, after all, you still use WeChat and micro-blog in the QQ space, you advertise your products, that is to say, everyone is from the media


the future of my eyes from the media

since the arrival of the media age, now the public media is extremely dangerous state, although the media seem insignificant things, but the strength of the masses is still very large, this is not the public media mostly opened a column, submission and other functions from the media to engage in good partnership media, as a result, the problem is complicated. The future from the media may be so.


threshold is low: more and more portals have become a portal for everyone to contribute to writing. In the past it was impossible for you to send a message

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