Novice to start making web pages

today in the answer to the question of the time to answer a lot of questions about how to do a novice

how to do web pages how to make web pages how to make the network industry how to make personal web industry how to create a website

is such a problem I put on the Internet a good new page on the preparation of the article made here to send you to help

website design eight steps

because we can see that the tool more and more types, use more convenient, so the web page has become an easy job, as before to manually write a line of code. After a brief study on the general beginners can learn the production ", so they think the web page is very simple, in a hurry to make your own website, but do it with others, they found that their website is very rough, this is why? As the saying goes:" impatient eat hot tofu". The establishment of a website is like building a building, it is a system engineering, has its own specific workflow, you only follow the steps to follow the prescribed order, step by step, in order to design a satisfactory website.

first, determine the theme of the site

web site is the theme of the site you want to include the main content, a site must have a clear theme. Especially for personal website, you may not like the website do content large, cover and contain everything. You do not have this ability, but also do not have this energy, it is necessary to identify the most interested in their own content, do deep, do thoroughly, do their own characteristics, so as to give the user a deep impression. The theme of the site without rule, as long as you are interested in, anything can be, but the distinct theme, content in your range of topics do large, fine and deep.

two, collect materials

clear the theme of the site, you will start around the theme of the collection of materials. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw". In order to make their sites to attract users, true to life, you should try to collect materials, to collect more material, after making web sites more easily. The material can not only from books, newspapers, multimedia CD-ROM, come on, also can be collected from the Internet, then put the collected materials Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, as to produce their own web material.

three, planning website

is a website design success or not, the planning level depends largely on the designer’s website designers like planning the building drawings, the design is good, to build a beautiful building. The site plan contains many columns, such as structure, site settings, site style, color collocation, layout, text pictures such as the use of only you these aspects into account in the web page before, in order to make home filled with bamboo. The only way to make a web page is

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