Beware of search engine marketing beginners

search engine marketing still holds many beginners, millions of dollars in search marketing budget, which can be not at all surprising.

from, paid search has developed for ten years, GoTo had only a few thousand customers, now Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are sitting on hundreds of thousands of search marketing. With the development of the search, most of the early test water was successful.

early paid search marketing, even beginners can easily succeed, this is not to open the door of luck, when the price on average less than $0.15, a high rate of return on investment to promote the search market booming, the search market has reached the scale of $20 billion this year.

Forrester company Shar VanBoskirk company through the research data obtained an interesting statistic: "in the 2007 marketing benchmark online survey, we found that most of the marketers to label themselves as’ advanced beginners’, 61% of marketers rarely use or not to use search management tools, 65% to buy keywords in the following 500."

is a bit surprising, but the data and search engine marketing professional organization (SEMPO) "investigation" 2006 search engine marketing results, the survey results show that more than half of the advertisers say they plan to manage their 2007 paid advertising, big companies tend to outsource." At the same time, the majority of advertisers (60%) in the past three years began to use paid".

Whether you are

in 1998 began using GoTo  DirecTraffic Center (DTC) manual adjustment of bidding, or has recently joined the search engine marketing force, you may have to compete with the beginners in at least a few keywords.

you have to adjust your strategy, take into account the beginners. I always like to remind the audience that there are two kinds of people will occupy the top of the list of keywords advertising: Genius and madman. From the point of view of the number of beginners, maybe I should be classified as another group: they behaved more like a madman, because they have no clue, lack of experience and training, may be influenced by the error information.

whether you are in competition with a genius and a madman or a beginner, you must make countermeasures, if you are unsure of your competitors is that you can be determined by measuring their responses.

sophisticated marketers will be the first key (or top ranking) prices remain at a reasonable range, they will not disclose the true price of keyword advertising group or project flexibility test can determine competitors have not used the API technology management bidding.

for beginners, just think about your first time, beginners often make the same mistakes, here are several.

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