Characteristics of the strategy to open up a new path for the development of the site

I do stand experience a lot of groundless talk, the joy of harvest, there is also the pain of failure, but the network is always so attractive, let me go. By the end of 07 and plans to do a new site, the site is good to do, but positioning is the key, but also the most difficult step. Various websites have what tricks emerge in an endless stream, not long ago, even found a toilet, can not help laughing after admire Chinese smart and wisdom. Back to do their own stand, in the end what to do to stand it in order to stand on the heels of thousands of sites, think for a long time, decided to take the road of strategic characteristics.

female Internet friends, decided to do a female station, but how to highlight the characteristics of it, fitness, beauty salon, a lot of websites, late simply can not compete with them, so I highlight their website features, I called the "bottom bottom net", is the main topic of interest to do a woman next, the application domain name, people’s habits are easy to remember, Baidu pinyin is best, can become a big boss, the good domain name also played an important role. So the application domain is, meaning for my buttock, I want to be beautiful, I believe will soon let visitors remember.

all the work done, published dozens of articles for the record, at first a little worried, because my name is misleading for the porn station, but I worry is redundant, as long as the content of health there is no problem, finally wait for the next ten days of record success! A little psychological joy, what’s this thing rule well, because we do not stand garbage station, is to be able to live on the station. Preliminary work is completed, to update the site, the article not all plagiarism, I also issued a lot of their own original articles, so easy to be Baidu or Google included, by the end of 07 years of Baidu big action period, it is difficult that time not included new sites, but I did not give up, insist on a document. Not more, in essence, I asked for their site of the article is fine, fine pictures, pictures after I carefully selected, this is a small feature I stand.

Spring Festival this year suffered snow, home for the holiday, a lot of time delay, update a lot less, during this period, Google has been included, and increasing every day, so I started a lot of publicity, promotion methods are Laosheng heavy talk, do not care about the soft, speculation, such as SEO, SEO technology is relatively poor, and the SEO is easy to be K so, I basically do not SEO, focus on speculation, through a variety of methods to send advertising to tell people, but for the group is mainly women, I have to add a lot of QQ group, here I have to bring a lot of traffic, in addition to large forum also did not pass, not post in spamming, and in essence, their top director of his own will not say.

finally Baidu also included success, because most people still use Baidu, it is pleasing, speaking for so long, have to say is not what characteristics ah, at most is the site name a little in recent time I curry favour by claptrap, also pay attention to own website promotion out.

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