The museum is how to speak poker faced magazine soft adorable cheap popular new media marketing

Taobao the Imperial Palace hot has not yet dispersed, a new media darling – Museum Journal fire!

A large number of

users are waiting for " @ " for their Museum magazine; FAQ: " this is what spider ah, poisonous? " " bought a pot, do not know what is. " " museum for Jun flop, this small fruit can be eaten? " " school is found on a tree, a big lump, this is a beehive or " nest?;……

Museum Museum, a long acne I bought pork, the meat museum can eat?:……


Museum Museum, the museum can eat fish? Said: steamed, fried, soup, you can eat……


The Museum of the

Museum, friends say this is the dragon I don’t believe it, what is this? The museum said: do not believe you to ask me……


Museum Museum, I on the highway and killed an animal, not a museum? Said: No, this is the Chinese……


Museum Museum, this is what the butterfly museum? Said: your classmates be thinner as well……


see, it is not very cold this! Properly routine old driver




poker-faced selling magazine Museum magazine Jun, succeeded in making many people admire the advertisement in its " soft base, adorable " micro-blog, WeChat, Taobao and so on have been involved in the business, but also very successful! It is said that good go playfully, high-end, solemn line, but at the end of foot as a point of no return! But this change seems to be very popular.

The Museum of the


"Museum magazine" 2004 Chinese "National Geographic" magazine publishing magazine, is the "National Geographic" Youth Edition China. The content of a wide range of astronomy, geography, biology, history and other fields, is scientific, authoritative, fun, young people as the main readers, to guide students into the nature and practice, and explore the realistic world wide erudition.

"China National Geographic" under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, its articles and pictures are often reproduced by the central and local media, has a strong readability and collection value. At the same time, there are a large number of experts and scholars of natural geography and human geography as the consultant of the society.

as early as Taobao

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