Bo forum marketing platform to share Forum promotion skills

With the popularization of the Internet, many enterprises have created their own websites, and the network promotion has become the preferred method for the promotion of

. The network brings the communication effect is very quick, let the enterprise and the product, the service can obtain the prompt propaganda. Throughout the network to promote a variety of means, it is not difficult to see that the promotion of the forum for the promotion of the network is a very important module, in many of the network promotion techniques fully demonstrated their advantages. Below to share with you the skills of the forum to promote, as well as a good Bo forum marketing platform

1, how to select the forum

forum to choose and promote their own products related to the forum to have high popularity and high traffic. But if the selected forum easy registration vest forum for hyperlink restrictions less, some time is limited, some points, some require too good, but spend more time, the final effect is not ideal, such a forum moderator once titles, your loss the immeasurable.

2, registration vest


in the registered account, do not have advertising words, don’t let the moderator to find those see more offensive words. It is best to use Chinese or contain some characters, find some words make your looks more comfortable, if there is a moderator name to see you want to delete the impulse, you post again good it’s no use.

2, carefully read the version of the rules

forum is a version of the rules, do everything according to the rules, such as the post title words, post format, if not in accordance with the provisions of the format post, the deleted probability will be great.

4, post content selection

to promote the contents of the recent more popular, we are concerned about. Can not clear: we are concerned about the recent topic of what happened recently, or those things, only if we are interested in the content, others will see, if your content are of no great importance topic, is not up to the effect of the promotion of the.

5, eye-catching title

title is the first impression of users to see the post, the title must be eye-catching, special. Striking: in the case of no violation of the rules, you can add a few special symbols in the title, so that the title will be very prominent in the post list. It will be noticed by more people, but with the promotion of the link must be noticed, when the moderator bad mood you may will suffer. In particular: the content must be done to attract users click on the latest. Analyze the people you need, the content they are interested in, and edit the headline according to their preferences.

7, top post skills

top stickers are not those simple words of praise, such as good, very good, good, and so on, must be based on the

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