Soft down is hard up is soft

said Wen, the impression is not only with "the banner advertisement"? Than advertising seems to be more disaster caused by flooding water, soft, well versed in the psychology of audience. And how to write a good soft Wen has become part of the moment we need to learn, today we have to explore the skills of the network text.

In fact, a lot of people think that

soft writing, but they can not start. To early, not just to write text and write text, you can as you write a story or do not have the awareness to dry cargo, placement, or too stiff, can also cause resentment.

a. Title heading

can be appropriate to the title of the party, but not too long off. As the beginning of a small article "which is said to be a 90% marketing people have seen God articles?", actually this is the title of the party, because only a small beginning of some of his own ideas, the topic is purely in order to attract people, but small early in which talking about all marketing related, even if the ads, most people can accept. If the same problem, after opening is not even related products, is will be boring.

from the title, you can see what is the specific product. If it is Taobao, micro business and so on, you can choose a direct correlation point, or product features.


      "as soon as possible under the" spot ‘, not’ pox ‘left "(acne beauty products)

"Women are not getting

sweat, because there are XX air conditioners" (cooler AD)

"a Xiangfan man and his century Huafeng decoration brand dream" (XX decoration company soft title)

of course, compared to the above examples directly, we can also use chicken, experience, in the form of euphemism from the title of dry cargo.


      "half a month thin 10 jin, secret first public" (slimming products)

"born in 1982 to talk" (what products do you guess?)

"a day income of tens of thousands of yuan, the business of the" entrepreneurial expert (an investment mechanism of soft Wen title)

two. Content content

said the soft content, should be the most familiar story, a nice little piece, in the best of spirits to see in the end but found ads, some really depressing. The more depressing is that it is really a good article to remove advertising, this is what we need to achieve the purpose of.


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