Web site search engine ranking factors meta

< meta> for the search engine is the most important word (keywords) and web page description (description), in the form of HTML language is as follows:    

< head>  

< title> title< /title>  

< meta  name=" keywords"   content=" " >  

< meta  name=" description"   content=" " >  

…  ..;

< /head>  

note that currently only Altavista and Infoseek of the two major search engines support < meta>, web; some designers constructed < meta> very perfect, but found their rankings in no use < meta> after that, even if the search engine < meta> role, but compared with other factors, it is not the most important, many designers think web < meta> is the secret weapon to promote their website ranking error.  

Keywords in

description part (description) provides an effective way to control the description of the web page you can replace, webpage automatically generated by search engine.  

< meta> note:  

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