New media has become a new way to promote the network the webmaster can get rid of the plight of SE

has many webmaster friends and chat, talk about network promotion, both grassroots webmaster or small and medium-sized enterprise boss complained all shook his head. Asked why, the answer is now consistent SEO too difficult, a major search engine platform strengthening jjpm to seek business opportunities, and a chain of soft Wen promotion crackdown. A cause of popular portal user community for the protection of their own resources, to ban advertising posts equally harsh, with the traditional soft hyperlink has been difficult in the network to find live. Similarly, the traditional network promotion method has encountered an unprecedented dilemma, a group of new and old AdSense and therefore leave the familiar network of entrepreneurial love.

however, the author believes that network promotion not only to the end of hills and rivers when, on the contrary, the way SEO promotion to traditional methods and the growing prosperity of the new media with magical effect can be achieved and a dense willow trees and bright flowers in the spring. The author of the professional agent Sina micro-blog forward advertising micro-blog Eagle (, for example, how to promote the traditional SEO promotion and new media integration.

from micro-blog Eagle website, the website also attaches great importance to the promotion of traditional SEO, so the construction of the chain, related keywords have good rankings in Baidu and major engine platform. At the same time we see that the site does not rely on the promotion of SEO, it also has a powerful way to import traffic, which is from the new media Tencent Fuzhou soul commune. First observe the soul of Fuzhou commune micro-blog head, including micro-blog Eagle brand keywords and web site, along with viral micro-blog, the website brand and web site with a large spread. Secondly, we found that Baidu search from the micro-blog platform, Baidu has been a large number of postings included, because the post contains micro-blog keyword and URL, it constitutes a large number of Baidu chain. Finally, we also found that the micro-blog has a wonderful promotion method to test and riddles riddles content posting, the answer to the micro-blog Eagle website, the result is that many micro-blog fans into the micro-blog Eagle website, vibhuti realized micro-blog fans into the web traffic.

sites rely on traffic, micro-blog rely on fans, relying on the flow of the site to achieve the realization of the flow, relying on micro-blog fans rely on marketing. Thus, the two are essentially interlinked. The new media has gradually become the new way of network promotion, how to get rid of the plight of stationmaster SEO? Import traffic from micro-blog, micro-blog or the organic combination and website promotion, may be regarded as a good method of new media era webmaster network promotion of survival. Twitter recently listed in the United States, but also indicates that the future of sina micro-blog infinitely bright. Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog listed independent marketing point the day and await for it, the increasingly popular, a good opportunity to take advantage of the webmaster "with Dakuan" as soon as possible, the era of new media on the last few times of the last bus.

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