We have all been fooled by the social business of sniping

while we of the lo fat "community’s economy", suddenly found that all Ronaldo did, was not the matter. Never thought, integrity disappeared, the logic of thinking is deviated from the community economy, more and more love.


recently, the logic of thinking the Three Musketeers Luo Zhenyu, Li Tiantian, Wu Sheng will be launched for the country’s 9 largest city, the 60 day "concert tour", in the face of this annual drama, I just want to say: "never mind, integrity is missing, the logic of thinking is deviated from the community economy, and the more love".

first that attitude, I am loyal Luo Fenyi, just to write these criticism and suggestions, not subtly malicious bite. I was influenced by my fat. Because the free association of free men, his only a short while ago I quit, a nice job, had a freelance artisan life; because he builders spirit, now, I have to do anything to keep geeks, Sike attitude; because he Internet fetichist piety, I decided to choose in the dawn of the Internet for dividend before the outbreak; because of his "economic community" exploring, I also joined the research community economic team, through various books on community, choose a community operating officer working practice on a variety of possible future experimental communities. But when I think of the "community economy" in a more comprehensive understanding of the system, and then look at the fat Luo do everything, that is not the case. Tentatively, the debate was waiting for you,


what is the community economy, my definition is: the Internet era, is no longer a simple function of the connection between products and consumers, consumers began to care about attached things such as reputation, culture, personality charm, force the soul of product function above, so as to establish a seamless emotional trust. This and a group based on a common interest, cognition, values the user holds together, occurrence of bees effect, together interaction, exchange, cooperation, infection, value relation feedback of product brand itself, which is established between the product and the fans group emotional trust + value feedback, the formation of self since the economic system, operation cycle range, called economic community.

defines the somewhat convoluted, but all people on the road the Internet should be a clear. Next, I will explain the three characteristics of the community economy, for all of my next analysis to do the theoretical support.

features: emotional connection, community can produce a similar gravity of a mysterious force to a group with a common value proposition, with interesting people establish emotional connection, so that they can produce cross infection point, and can produce superimposed collaborative action energy, so that together we can create value to emerge.

features two: the interests of the community itself is a form of organization, to maintain the normal operation of the system, the system of each individual can produce value and

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