A keyword brings 10 thousand P should pay special attention to the problem

The author of this article: papaya is not rwang, non original, the purpose of this article, mainly want to discuss the issue of moderate SEO with everyone. Here’s his original:

must choose the most simple page layout code, DIV+CSS. Engage in a through XHTML, war3 checksum, keyword density to be accurate, at least to reach more than 5%. What ah, ah, ah, can be used to give it all. At the beginning of the article highlighted keywords, including riveting link text, and then get a text on the page to the bottom, with black, especially conspicuous that. A user to open the page, no matter which page can be seen in the bottom of the page: XXX from the network (XXX is the keywords of the page). A pair of special respect for copyright, times to respect the original author. Then all generate static pages, the page text links to. In the light of the link in the thousands, do more external links, full range of tracback, for a word —PR. Even the path to the file with the key words, to do the link is not high PR is often updated. If you own PR is too low, but also embarrassed to say hello to others. You say that such a SEO, a day can come how many IP? I think I got 1000IP! 1000IP? That is a rookie, at least 10000, you do not believe it, it is also a key word. You have to study the habit of search engines, can give you 1000IP, do not care to give you 9000IP. What is SEO ace, you know? Master SEO do optimization is not obvious, is not the most hot, so do not upset, SEO strategy is not the edge, but not blocked.

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