How to do a good job of entrepreneurial small business marketing planning

China with economic system reform into the deep water, a series of reform initiatives that make entrepreneurs as cheerful as a lark. However, more than happy, many entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurial pioneers have made the marketing planning experts Ren Lijun, put forward, how to realize the entrepreneurial or pioneering "small business" rapid growth? In fact, over the years, Beijing Li Jun century marketing planning agency in a direct entrepreneurial "focus on small business Chinese" after many years of research and practice, pay attention to marketing planning, marketing planning experts Ren Lijun believes that entrepreneurial enterprise is called the "small business", mainly is the enterprise scale is relatively small, but does not mean that enterprises enter into the market is a small market, entrepreneurial small business plan will have the same high as.

classic case scanning

here, I would like to share one of us personally participated in the entrepreneurial and small business readers to make scenes of classic case.


group is a private enterprise engaged in garment processing, due to the limitation of policy at home and abroad in the field of clothing manufacture, the development of enterprises have stalled, so the company decided to enter into the new industry, the boss thinks simply, FMCG food industry is a good choice, because the China population, as long as can produce the good food, the enterprise can survive. After making this decision, a friend, a few acres of fish ponds in Hubei Jingzhou, the boss will be relatively low purchase price of this piece of fish. At that time, by the pressure from various aspects, the company executives think the fish is just a small business, how to achieve the strategic objectives of the fast development of the group? And from the government said the local government of Jingzhou Huyou the boss, the fish does not have what value, and in the case of Hubei fish ponds everywhere, buy this piece of fish, is to increase the burden on enterprises.

bought a by all the people think "small business", has been one-sided opposition, but the boss believes that once in this piece of fish ponds as the center of the proper operation, is likely to create huge gains. As a result, the marketing planning expert based business consulting team began to do the top-level design of this fish pond project. In Hubei, if a common species of fish, almost all in the micro profit, so how to make this piece of fish can keep valuable fish? Through multiple rounds of communication, and fish farming experts later decided a German imports of fish breeding, breeding and ecological science. Fish fish is obviously not the boss of the mind, to keep out the fish than sell directly to the table more value-added? Industrialization process, so the fish, the project began planning for the construction of industrial park. At this time, the local government had laughed the boss did not look to the spirit, if it can build a modern fish processing enterprise, is tantamount to the entire Jingzhou aquaculture industry play a booster. The local government has allocated almost free in the land examination and approval, the bank gives the enterprise interest free loans, so the fish processing project is the stage of planning, construction of industrial park land.

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