n the online travel website where the network is disappointing Ctrip also hidden crisis

after the disclosure of the 2013 earnings, where the network CEO Zhuang Chenchao interviewed by the media did not call Ctrip NOKIA, impressive. No matter whether he is proud and arrogant that destabilize Ctrip emboldened mainly from Baidu. Once Ctrip also find a backer of situation where the network will be more bad – and also to find Ctrip is not the point.

not bicker to speak with the data

first look at the two charts that make Zhuang Chenchao proud, showing where the mobile terminal traffic and revenue growth. 2013 fiscal year total revenues of $127 million, an increase of 558.4% over the same period in 2012.




mobile terminal market share represents the future, according to CNIT-Research last October on the domestic online travel market wireless client market share survey: where the network with 38.86% market share ranked first, Ctrip with a 27.75% share in second.

in the first half of 2012, Ctrip wireless division was formally established at the same time, a lot of the abolition of the "ground" sales staff. The second quarter of 2013, Ctrip wireless transactions on the hotel and ticket reservation contribution rate reached 20% and 15%. On the other hand, where the network’s wireless revenue accounted for 20% of the total revenue in the 2013 quarter of fourth. If the proportion of both wireless revenue accounted for 20%, due to the difference between the revenue base of five or six times, Ctrip wireless revenue is much higher than where the network is positive. So, can not be confirmed with the earnings survey is difficult to explain where the network has been defeated in the mobile terminal ctrip.

If the

brothers in the mobile area from the financial aspects of Ctrip obviously win. 2013 fiscal year, Ctrip revenue and net profit of $5 billion 400 million and $998 million (excluding equity incentive spending was $1 billion 400 million), where the network revenue was 850 million, a loss of 187 million (2012 loss of $91 million).

we do hotels, air tickets booking, why the benefits of such a big difference. Can be seen from the table below, where the network research and development and market costs accounted for more than ctrip. Where the total cost of the network is more than 20%, while Ctrip and revenue of only $80%. Of course, due to the different base, the absolute value of Ctrip’s far ahead. In 2013, for example, where the network research and development costs nearly 320 million, the market cost of more than 380 million, respectively, equivalent to revenue of $45% and $37.5%, Ctrip research and development costs and more than $1 billion 200 million, approximately equivalent to revenue of $22%.


where the network is disappointing that, although done for nine years, if there is no external support, let alone beat Ctrip, even the survival of a problem. First of all, a year earn billions of another lost one, "

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