Wonderful website grassroots webmaster development road

look, if the development plan is 20 years later, to imagine that there are any web site projects we can now try.

(1) elderly community

please don’t hit, this is absolutely fuckedup, at least 20 years later, why? I ask a question, what time the rise of the Internet in Chinese? The middle of 90s, even more then do the Internet? 20~30 years old, they are much? 30~ 40 now, 20 years from now and then push? Are 50~60 years old, and have a pension, insurance, and earn a lot of money, it is no longer a few, so they usually love to do what?! this is because they have grown up with, has become a way of life habit.

at that time, you expect them to see what the website? Mop? Qihoo? Impossible, people are not so much desire, but as people age, thought, mode of thinking has a lot of change, do not you see, the original 5~60’s revolutionary charge into the enemy ranks a teenager, now retired at home, mahjong chess, then, 20 years later, today’s network with young people? What love on the


of the elderly people in the community, there may be shouted: now a lot of elderly people in the community can look at ah! What is the content? What do I do now? Than the plane also waste garbage station, no popularity of the community and the message, then, after 20 years the elderly community what sector should start,


1 Retro Film Music: Wong Ka Kui, the 7~80’s young people for having heard it many times name, after 20 years, certainly not what people to remember, only those of us old man will go to miss

2 of health care: late death is everyone’s dream, so the plate should be very popular

3 show:WEB2.0 family Tianlun growing network of people to share, never mind, after the family has become the main melody in the US after 20 years, share with friends online, is the best way of pension.

webmaster should pay attention to physical exercise, work hard, otherwise, to a lot of people’s physical, not necessarily live to……

(2) party website

many parties, many candidates, many club…… In this we are now not to say ah, anyway, is everyone whim, when watching the play.

(3) to buy food vegetables

10 years ago, my door is vegetable, today, basically in the city to see the vegetable, I buy food, is to the supermarket to buy, but want to eat fresh egg, no pollution and no pesticides or cabbage, send me to send relatives in rural areas.

used to eat food supermarket, taste fishy began to miss it, farmers will sell vegetables unified supermarket, did not earn.

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