Shanda literature confirmed before the start of copyright sales were arrested


Luo Li actually become a victim of the Wu Wenhui team and the great forces struggle


technology news May 30th morning news, Shanda literature today announced that the starting point has Chinese network all of its employees violate the prohibition of business strife on the court, the team also found that former employees use the identity of the person responsible for copyright sales, will sell large amount of copyright Chinese starting point to the third party company, the company has for this alarm, police personnel involved have been formally arrested.

previously Sina technology has been informed sources confirmed that one of the founders of the departure of the founder of Luo was detained for review, the reason is the grand literature report on alleged violations of the economic act luo. Shanda literature Notice refers to the person in charge of copyright sales is no doubt refers to Luo li.

began in March of this year, Wu Wenhui, founder of the starting point of the team and the grand literary cracks surfaced. Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang immediately deal with the matter, the final grand literary President Wu Wenhui and part of the starting point of the founding team to leave. Allegedly starting from the founding of the final team to accept the creation of Tencent investment in the creation of the Chinese network, Luo Li is the main building. Genesis Chinese network ( today formally launched, and announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent, settled in the open platform Tencent literature.

at this point in time, the core of Luo Li suddenly jailed. Integration of all parties, the former deputy general manager of the Chinese Web site, responsible for the copyright center Luo Li, allegedly set up shell company, the acquisition of Shanda literature related copyright, and then sell high priced. About 200 thousand of the amount involved in the transaction, but allegedly copyright value of up to 1 billion.

this is also seen as a grand battle between literature and the Wu Wenhui team. To economic issues as a breakthrough, is the most powerful means to combat the departure of the Royal literary team. Behind this initiative, in fact, is a grand literary Tencent to prevent the determination of the network literature market. Shanda literature had planned to go to the United States in April this year, IPO, however, the impact of the starting point again affect the process, and the addition of new giants is undoubtedly a variable.

Luo Li actually become the victim of the Wu Wenhui team and the great forces struggle. Luo Lixian left the team in the Wu Wenhui, is the starting point of the first team to leave the team. Wu Wenhui is behind the team, behind the Wu Wenhui team is Tencent.

the following is the full text of the grand literary announcement:

grand literary bulletin

concerned about the starting point of the Chinese network of friends:


tree is calm and the wind is more than


since March, with the start of the Chinese network part of the management team members to leave, many people have begun to pay attention to network literature, concerned about the starting point of Chinese, which we express heartfelt thanks.

network literature is ushering in a rapid development

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