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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 16th news, once publicly not privatized renren.com, now also promise. The day before everyone received the privatization proposal of CEO Chen Yizhou and COO Liu Jian proposed. According to the proposal, the two will be $4.20 per share to acquire all of its outstanding shares of all outstanding shares. Since then, everyone will become a Private Companies and formally to the delisting of the road.

two years ago, in the face of Alibaba, Shanda privatization, Renren CEO Chen Yizhou has publicly stated that Renren will not choose the path of privatization. Two years later, renren.com do".

according to the renren.com announcement, CEO Chen Yizhou and COO Liu Jian submitted non binding "privatization" proposal letter proposal, per American Depositary Shares (ADS) $4.20 in cash or the acquisition of Chen Yizhou and Liu Jian $1.40 per common share has not been held all the company all issued shares, will all the privatization of the company. The purchase price is as of June 9, 2015 30 trading days before the average closing price of about 22% people.

after all the company announced a major transformation, from the evolution of social networks to the Internet financial platform, launched all stages, everyone involved in consumer finance, staging, P2P and second-hand car trading loans. Chen Yizhou said he was also observing the market situation, does not rule out the choice of delisting from the U.S. stock market, the return of A shares, to greet the positive stock market environment. "The Chinese market is very clear bull market, compared to the U.S. market, I am more optimistic about china".

Renren privatization action, triggering the market for its associated with the concept of home fever between lenovo. The snowball forum, there are stocks investors believe that the privatization of renren.com is to timely listed on the A shares, "a bull market". However, the next step on whether the privatization of the return of A shares, the company’s stakeholders said, there is no planning".

in fact, the initial listing, everyone has been as takes stock of the leaders, but in recent years, involved in the transformation of defeat, the performance of everyone in the joint capital market position synchronized downturn. Everyone on the privatization of the announcement of a network, triggering a number of U.S. investors dissatisfied. Data show that in 2011 when the issue price of $14 per share in the United States listed, and according to the proposed privatization proposal letter, delisting price of only $4.2. Retail investors have called on everyone to join together, the privatization program vote against". Call renren.com too kind.

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