B2C has not yet Home Furnishing representation is the core channel media set

2010, B2C industry hurricane Mengjin! In this year, competing with the B2C All flowers bloom together.. Taobao mall constantly spread myth, not only to create sales, create brands, but also to create a miracle. The field of community e-commerce, meituan Wang led the trend, led to the spectacular volley of 1000 station.

in this case, we look at the depth of the regional industry leader – home industry B2C status. In the field of home e-commerce give us the greatest charm lies in: regionalization, customization industry is able to achieve B2C? B2C how to achieve the home e-commerce B2C key link in the home e-commerce where?

home e-commerce model — the method of non fixed

a few years ago, or more than a few years ago, we all believe that Taobao style shop called e-commerce. Chinese traditional BBS, popular in Europe and the United States twitter greatly changed our concept:

· in BBS, Home Furnishing businesses not only through the form of post release products, cultivate brand; will buy online group purchase, solicitation initiated by line. We found that, in addition to payment, logistics, e-commerce, the main function of such a simple social media can be achieved.

· twitter online micro payment was talked about. Booking, fundraising and even lunch can be used for micro payment (reflected in the short connection micro-blog) to achieve. In addition to logistics, which is the main function of the B2C and how much difference in the rapid development of the domestic micro-blog moment, we can expect micro-blog e-commerce will soon be generated in the field of home e-commerce.

, we found that e-commerce is actually a polymorphism, especially in the field of community e-commerce. So, home e-commerce, traditional B2C or community e-commerce?

current home e-commerce mainstream model

look at the domestic e-commerce in the field of home, there are generally the following models:

1, community buy: buy through the network community gathering, offline transactions. This is in almost all of the heat BBS. This model was born out of the famous sites are: fence network, Shanghai group network (Qi Jiawang), etc..

2, display type B2C or C2C: display e-commerce platform to provide products or promotions, display, search and communication functions. Case: SouFun Sina mall, Fuzhou, home of the world Home Furnishing convenience Home Furnishing Mall (http://s.jiaju.fzbm.com) etc..

3, transaction type B2C or C2C: complete e-commerce, including payment, logistics and other links. Such as: Taobao home mall, fence building materials mall.

– representation is the media, the core is the channel

look at the field of home e-commerce, we found that regardless of collar

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