Entrepreneurs note nternet banking has become a sensitive word in Shanghai Shenzhen the company r

note: in 2016, the Internet is bound to blow the financial potential regulatory wind. Since the end of 2015, P2P began to celebrate the new year, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, immediately turn strict control. This article reports from surging news Li Yingying, the report said, Shanghai recently suspended the registration of Internet banking and other financial companies. So, does this mean that the previous registration of Internet banking license of the company, will become the acquisition value……

with the new Internet banking and other new financial platform frequent exposure, the country has begun to tighten up from the source. Surging news learned that Shanghai has recently suspended the registration of Internet banking and other financial companies, including financial information services, financial outsourcing and other words are also included in the suspension of the list.

surging news from a number of companies registered agent was informed that from January 4, 2016 onwards, the Shanghai Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau has suspended the registration of Internet financial companies. These registered agents said that as long as the business scope of the "financial", "outsourcing" and other words of the registration, can not be approved. In this regard, the Shanghai municipal finance office to accept the surging news did not make a positive response to the inquiry.

worth mentioning is that the suspension of registration of new Internet banking platform does not affect the operation of existing platforms.

surging news interview with a registered agent made it clear that can help buy an existing company. Shanghai, a person in charge of Internet banking also told surging news, said the suspension of the new platform to register, but they are not affected by the operation.

according to the Shanghai municipal finance office director Zheng Yang disclosed in December 29, 2015, currently there are about 200 surviving P2P (network lending) institutions in Shanghai, about 50 more or less problems. Zheng Yang said at the time, the next step will strengthen monitoring, pay close attention to.

is obvious, from the beginning of 2015, to strengthen the management of financial and Internet financial platform line are all over the country. Although the formal regulatory measures have not been introduced, but in terms of registration and advertising regulation. For example, in Ningbo in September last year conducted a comprehensive financial platform for Internet advertising and financial line, November is to suspend financial companies accept the enterprise name or business scope contains wealth management, investment management and consulting, information management management contents of the registration, and the establishment of the branch.

will "business activity management information network lending intermediaries in December 28th last year the CBRC Interim Measures (Draft)" to solicit public opinions, clear the network lending record management system and management authority delegated local financial management department, all have begun to study how to sort out ideas, supervision.

analysts said that the suspension of registration may be just the first step around, because the net loan management approach lists 12 red lines, and clearly after the official implementation of the existing platform will be a transitional period of 18 months. The local finance office in suspend registration, may have to thoroughly rectify ahead of the start.

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