Hungry for hundreds of millions of dollars to finance the official website of the creative domain el

renamed China ( January 12th news, according to sources, hungry takeaway platform in the public comment D $80 million round of investment, and recently completed a new round of financing, financing amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. Official website enabled creative domain name

figure: hungry Mody

hungry, officially launched in 2009, its website enabled the domain name, although some creative domain because of its hard to fight hard to remember that there is a certain risk, but the domain name is just "hungry" Pinyin, there is no hard to fight hard to remember, but the suffix ".Me" can lead to drag back phenomenon. The three spell domain name as early as 1998 has been registered, and has built overseas websites.

according to the hungry said, from last May to the first half of the October, hungry day orders increased from 100 thousand to 1 million, covering the city from 12 soared to nearly 200, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for increased from 30% to 70%.

domestic takeaway platform competition, after fierce thousands of war, the surviving takeaway O2O platform as well as the U.S. group net (, Wo Wo Group (, glutinous rice nets (, while the takeaway industry competition, industry insiders said that the domestic market is in the primary period of cultivating subsidies to businesses and to fight the market cost, you need to go through to the transformation of products, technology and efficiency leading stage.

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