Hey learning network acquisition haixue com domain name personal webmaster had held

It is reported,

news February 21, 2012, remote education website "Hi school network" officially opened Larry domain haixue.com on-line operation, original CN domain highso.cn retained independent access, domestic education industry added new platform.


diagram: Web page

industry sources said, in January 2004 the registered haixue.com domain name is the hi net acquisition proceeds, upon inquiry, the domain name haixue.com earlier in the MyBIZ investment group name, and now the domain name information changes to Suntech’s company, the domain name should be the earlier acquisition of low-key.


figure: Baidu search

Haixue is a Haixue, sea science, hi science Chinese characters haixue.com domain name "learning", with words, explicit educational websites, haixue.com can be applied to the educational website. Baidu search, earlier the domain name has also been a personal Webmaster Station sea science education website, haixue.com domain name should be traded a good price. Haixue.cn/.com.cn/.net and other domain names are registered, mostly for individuals.

on the other, hi learning network highso.cn membership largest occupation education institutions – Suntech, remote education group, Suntech organization established in 2009 to 2011, hi learning network education network has spread across the country, more than 500 thousand trainees, one of the leading areas of second nearly 7 times, more than 50% market share.

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