Taobao war industrial and Commercial Bank of Ali shares fell 4 36% market value evaporated ten billi

Alibaba shares

Phoenix Francisco January 29th morning news, because Taobao and SAIC "slobber war" has been upgraded, Alibaba (BABA.NYSE) shares down $4.49 at the close, to close at $98.45, or 4.36%, of the $11 billion market value evaporated. As of January 29th Beijing time as early as 6:10, after the Alibaba shares fell $0.26 to $98.19, a decline of 0.26%.

In addition, YAHOO announced yesterday that it will be a newly incorporated SpinCo, an independent investment company, to manage the remaining shares held by YAHOO Alibaba shares. This also has a certain impact on Ali’s share price.

challenge Taobao SAIC review:

(1) from August 2014 to October, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department Supervisor commissioned Chinese Consumer Association launched the network commodity transaction oriented monitoring activities. Test results show that the number of samples of Taobao distribution is the most, but the lowest rate, only 37.25%.

(two) in January 27th, official micro-blog released a second operation of the open letter, procedures of direct sampling report before the administration of industry and Commerce has named the State Administration for Industry and commerce, network supervision department director Liu Hongliang, said the report not only sampling too little, logical confusion, there is also illegal procedure, and the truth "the market is very important to avoid the whistle".

(three) SAIC spokesman responded that "network commodity transaction market risk assessment is directional monitoring and warning of illegal operation of the important work", the State Administration for Industry and commerce department supervisor has been carried on network market supervision and adhering to the principle of administration according to law. "Especially in the targeted directional detection, the purpose is to find the problem, it is possible to detect the more problems, this is normal, we are looking for a problem to promote"."

(four) in January 28th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued "on the administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper", "white paper" said Ali network trading platform is the main access to the commodity information, strict examination, poor sales management confusion, credit evaluation, flawed internal staff lax control of 5 the big problems, and puts forward the related requirements of the Alibaba group.

(five) Alibaba responded that Taobao has many practical difficulties. Because of the fight against fake Taobao caused by the storm, because of the fight against credit speculation was besieged, and some illegal behavior is not due to Taobao generated, the network is easy to copy illegal behavior, the impact of easy to enlarge the results. The future will take the initiative to solve the problem, improve the relevant measures to strengthen communication and understanding, legal compliance to carry out business activities, the establishment of a communication mechanism with the local business sector.

(six) Taobao said in a statement, Taobao is also the victim of this phase of the fake problem, but not

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