How to deal with the crisis of public relations

last week, and one more than one station network marketing platform has been advertising cooperation with a certain e-commerce site can not be accessed. Zhong Haibo worried about the other site was damaged as a result of a dead link to more than one, so to cooperate with the site asked not to visit the normal reasons. Cooperation e-commerce station customer service personnel began simply told "the site is being upgraded, but the recovery time to the next day. Then stand up to repeated questioning, tell the truth: the site is black, the programmer is being processed, but the customer complaint phone has let them scorched by the flames.

recently become hackers arrogant, many government websites, health and medical websites have been a hacker horse, get most of the webmaster and site management staff famous mouth Song Zude was jittery, even lawsuits do not forget to "blog is black" as an excuse. Then, the electronic commerce station has a large number of customers and users suffered if hackers patronize, or system failure, server stop service, website operation personnel, webmaster or product manager how to quickly organize effective public relations, properly deal with the crisis public relations, more than one clock to the peer Haibo gives the following suggestions, hope you can use.

first, customers to reduce pathogenic fire, appropriate to reduce the customer expectations. Once the customers to enjoy the service encounter obstacles, are worried, worried about their own interests suffered big losses, anxious to responsible parties immediately, this is It’s only human. Owners or operators after receiving customer complaints, should listen, good words to appease, understanding, and even the other shouted have nodded. However, although customers encountered difficulties, still have very high expectations of the website, the website that technical staff can immediately repair the fault, but "not afraid, just in case, harm of electronic commerce station, operating personnel must learn to properly enlarge the problem, let customers have enough psychological preparation, reduce customer expectations temporary value.

people always expect the higher psychological phenomenon of the greater the disappointment, severity of exaggerating the problem properly in advance, accurately grasp the customer expectations, and other issues will be resolved on the website of the service brand construction has the correct role. On another level, exaggerating the extent of the problems related to internal staff’s work enthusiasm is beneficial, especially can cause the technical personnel to attach great importance to the problem, improve the efficiency of dealing with this, to coordinate with customer and contact the website operation personnel is very important.

secondly, appropriately transfer the responsibility for the accident. The site may be the cause of many aspects of the black, the site’s own defects, server security performance is not enough, improper choice of hosting room, and so on, will lead to the site is black culprit. When subjected to the customer complaints surge of great fury, website operation personnel to recognize the problem at the same time there can be more due to force majeure, to transfer customer attention effect. After all, "in the political arena, involuntarily, customers are considerate, after all they want the final solution > is the problem

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