Handle network is expected to enter the Chinese market Groupon partner

It is reported that in October 12th

news, CEO Wu Bo will today meet lashou Groupon investors. Handle network is expected to become a partner in the Chinese market Groupon.

according to sources, handle network CEO Wu Bo will today meet Groupon investment, Groupon and Chinese cooperate in lashou in-depth negotiations. It is understood that, as early as in August this year, Wu Bo had personally visited the United States, and its investment policy on the Groupon to enter the Chinese market and the local group buying site cooperation conducted preliminary contact. According to the sources, today, Wu Bo will Groupon investment cooperation between the two sides will discuss the details. However, the source also denied the possibility of direct acquisition of Groupon handle network.

it is understood that since November 2008 on the line, Groupon has received three rounds of venture capital. In the first round of financing, Groupon raised $6 million 800 thousand, since December 2009 was the second round of $30 million financing. In April this year, the Russian Digital Sky Technology Company (Digital Sky Technologies) led investors to invest $135 million in Groupon amazing. In May this year, Groupon acquired the company in Berlin, City Deal GmbH, the business will expand to 80 markets in europe. In August this year, Groupon announced the acquisition of the majority of the Japanese shopping site Qpod and the Russian shopping site Darberry. Through a series of acquisitions, Groupon has expanded its business to 230 markets in 29 countries. Earlier, Groupon founder Andrew · (Andrew) has publicly said that the future will enter the Chinese market, (Mason). Subsequently, there is news that Groupon contact with a number of local Chinese buy site, and there are rumors that Groupon will buy a local Chinese buy site.

handle network in many of China’s group buying site, is a comprehensive and diversified network interactive cross media platform, covering Internet terminals and mobile terminal users. Moreover, the handle network has been implemented in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other 100 cities in the country each day to launch a super cheap boutique buy. In addition, the handle network CEO Wu Bo is a pioneer and pioneer in the field of Internet technology and business. Handle network is now the team is also a group of experienced members of the original team composed of elite team Wu Bo.

insiders pointed out that foreign companies to enter the Chinese market there are three ways: self built website, a wholly owned acquisition of similar small sites, with the same large websites. From the current situation of the development of the platform in the Chinese market to buy a comprehensive consideration, Groupon, such as the final choice and handle network cooperation will be more conducive to Groupon in China >

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