Suning 9 Rainbow Magic Key to run the film goddess preach film revolution

November 9th, jointly by the world’s first intelligent film "magic key" to carry out the 2014 campus "Rainbow Run" activities officially kicked off. Show the passion of youth, rainbow run, with the magic key to join, so that all teachers and students not only participated in a fun run, and deeply felt the charm of science and technology innovation. After the red pole network Liaoning film goddess also arrived to participate in activities, and at the same time to declare at the awards activities between teachers and students "open film revolution".

film goddess to help out, "film revolution" Queuing Upgrade

magic key ( as the world’s first intelligent film, in the new product and concept of value, has triggered a lot of attention their curiosity. Suning jointly launched the "magic key" activities at the same time, the "magic key" is after the film work and popular network, "film goddess" said the university student Li Shumin (micro-blog: my name is Sue sister) invited to the scene. Before a lot of people are also concerned about the smart film out of the ordinary, and lined up waiting for the "film film goddess" intelligence upgrade Suning stores, the scene is very spectacular.

Figure 1:

film goddess "scene, people queuing upgrade smart film

Lead the

rainbow run, "film goddess to help out" film revolution "

9 in the afternoon, many students participate in the "Rainbow Run", "the film goddess" arrival excited. As a network reds, Li Shumin left the impression that many students self-reliance, so in the "Rainbow Run" to start running when the organizers and schools have been asked to lead Li Shumin as one of the guests to participate in this event. Cheerful "film goddess" in the whole course of rainbow run process and photo message in 7 ways and dyeing station magic key staff, "said the film goddess": "to lead a revolution of film products, they are respectable people."

Figure 2:

film goddess "and the host city, school leaders together lead

site for the "Rainbow" award speech, praising the power of science and technology

5000 meters long run happy, finally decide the outcome. As the magic key baby "film goddess" also took the speech and activities selected "Rainbow" ceremony. In his speech, "the film goddess" praising the power of science and technology innovation, called "magic key" leading "film revolution", let the mobile phone film is no longer a mobile phone film, mysterious and unbelievable over, also illustrates the value of innovation. To maintain the vitality, in the blessing of innovative activities of students, for the dream of running at the same time, "the film goddess" is a site for the iphone6 mobile phone won the "Rainbow Sister", the site labeled smart film, triggered applause.

Figure 3:

film goddess "site for the" Rainbow Sister "award and affixed smart film toughened


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