Ma Huateng black attitude is estimated to have the strength of the circle


December 14th, Ma Huateng unexpected appearance.

is said to be an accident, because Tencent’s public relations staff in the first two days told me that the original decision to attend the guardian anti telecommunications network fraud joint conference, Ma Huateng can not come. I didn’t expect him to show up yesterday.

said, the 13 day, Ma Huateng decided to fly to Beijing from Shenzhen overnight, the 14 day morning to see a few people hurried to the afternoon held in China hotel this to combat illegal production for this will be fun.

Ma Huateng said he seldom participate in the business of the general assembly, "but as security and our security department colleagues even a small achievement, I will not hesitate to forward in his WeChat circle of friends, so that other colleagues said why don’t I help them forwarded circle of friends, I have a choice. Security is a vital lifeline to the Internet and society as a whole, so I am particularly concerned about this."

Ma Huateng, I can’t believe it. But he did seem to say, as he often did, in his circle of friends. July 20th, Ma Huateng forwarded a friend in the circle of friends of the joint security laboratory of Tencent to get the nomination of the article, he said, I am willing to turn the progress of Internet Security Tencent".


the General Assembly on behalf of the guardian of the telecommunications network fraud joint conference, the popular explanation is to combat black production.

recently produced black wide attention, some time ago, lending treasure "a" naked "10GB package (nude photos and video, 167 female college students with ID cards also contain personal identity information and family contact) on the Internet, the sale of illegal disclosure; recently, and that the suspected Jingdong 12GB data leaked, ID, password, telephone and other sensitive information can not escape.

and telecommunications network fraud is not to mention the impossible to guard against. The Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau political commissar Ceng Haiyan said, this year 1 to November, the national public security organs cracked telecommunications network fraud cases since 93 thousand, illegal crime personnel 52 thousand, to avoid the loss of 4 billion 870 million yuan for the masses.

Ma Huateng also mentioned a recent reporter spent 700 yuan to buy a colleague’s open room, take the opportunity, the Internet cafes, including the recording of the things of the 11.

he said: "we are facing today is not simple, the downstream industry, we face the black production division of refinement has been fully, and is a very mature industry chain, if we don’t have to fight against the black industry chain cooperation industry chain, we are in no way."

is the key, with the advance of the Internet, the progress of science and technology, the criminal black production also quickly mastered the advanced technology, will soon use "Internet plus", cloud computing, big >

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