All the local community optimistic about the prospects for cooperation with local businesses

recently, Comsenz (Comsenz) combined with a number of media organizations "development" and the focus of local vertical community activities. The event is the 2009 session of the fourth China Internet webmaster annual meeting held before the warm-up discussion will provide more valuable ideas and topics for the owners meeting, nearly 100 owners to participate in the discussion activities mainly expressed the following views:

optimistic about the prospects for local communities 2009 new interactive elements

most of the participants in the hot discussion activities have indicated that they have set up or are ready to build a local or vertical community. Individual owners due to weak, no more manpower and resources to compete with large portal, and the choice of a regional subdivision build community, can not only play the regional advantages, but also to meet the needs of the local residents’ information, culture and entertainment, made the core competitiveness of large web sites are not available. At present, most parts of the country have their own local community, and is subdivided into municipal; according to participate in the discussion of the local station, local community development situation of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the coastal economically developed areas of the good.

also believes that in 2009 the webmaster community has great changes in 2008 compared to 2009, increased the community more interactive elements, mostly opened with UCenter Home to build the forum space, enhance the communication and interaction of members.

organizational communication activities with the local business cooperation

participate in the hot discussion of the webmaster also share the local community operations experience skills. Weihai community webmaster He Kun believes in the website operators should highlight the characteristics of local industries, Chongqing shopping station should be based on characteristics of Qin Tingnan regional characteristics and population style characteristics of the community, Nanchong Changhai wind life website believe activities of local communities is suitable for online and offline. To participate in the discussion of the local general said that the future will be more organized in the region within the members of the party line, which will help increase the stability of the forum members, increase the influence of the forum.

discussion results show that: advertising alliance and local business advertising constitutes the main source of revenue for local stations. Yichang life network station in life to the local station, many businesses and cooperation, he said: "from the local business advertising revenue is higher than the advertising alliance, in addition, the local community has a unique advantage, has a competitive force in e-commerce, the user precise terms."

it is reported that the development prospects of the local and vertical communities hot discussion is the first phase of the event, there will be more heated discussion sessions are still underway.

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