Former general manager of the 56 Network to join the CmsTop CMS industry changes soon

56 Network original North China Sales Manager Li Hao has confirmed that at the end of July turnover, August 2nd officially joined the management system provider CmsTop professional president.

as my music network ( sales team founder, Li Hao worked in the NetEase, with 10 years of Internet industry operations and team management experience. I have served as senior director of sales and sales manager in North china. After joining CmsTop, Li Hao will be mainly responsible for the market, sales and other work, the company’s founder, will serve as a CEO, director of CmsTop’s products and R & D.

CmsTop was formally established in August 2009, founded by the former Phpcms founder Zhong Shenghui; core products of the May release of the CmsTop version is the media team accumulated over 5 years of experience in research and development of a web content management system based on PHP+MYSQL architecture, focusing on content management to solve information publishing and media sites demand.

before the domestic CMS industry can be divided into high-end user oriented CMS and webmasters and entrepreneurial sites in the low-end CMS two camps. CMS is mainly for high-end manufacturers TRS and founder of the customers to the government, Xiangyu, banks and large and medium-sized media website, basically a single customer purchase price is the lowest in more than 300 thousand software. CmsTop media version is a focus on high-end media website information content to solve the application issue and management system, the core customer base as traditional media newspapers, television, magazines and other new media sites, vertical portals and local portal site focused on the information needs of media websites.


CmsTop media version released in May, Hua Jun software park information channel, "Chinese entrepreneur" magazine website, Kingsoft, CNNIC, K666, northern news media and other dozens of sites to sail to become the first batch of CmsTop media version of the paying customers. Li Hao learned from micro-blog, CmsTop and even out of the country, in early August, an influential Chinese newspaper in Canada to purchase the CmsTop version of the media for the site’s revision. Li Hao told reporters that the high-end CMS industry in the short term will be the basic form CmsTop, TRS, founder a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern.

in the field of low-end CMS, the situation seems to be much more complicated. In addition to Zhong Shenghui founded and later sold to Ku6, phpcms, dedecms, PHP168, foosun PowerEasy, Siteserver each have tens of thousands or even to one hundred thousand dollars of website users, because do not force the user to pay, or open or not open these CMS companies earnings are not ideal, old CMS maker PowerEasy has been established for 8 years, but still lingers in the annual income of millions door is difficult to break, and this income is already so many CMS manufacturers envy. Most of the low-end CMS manufacturers are facing a problem, in order to meet the needs of the owners, the product >

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