The secret of yellow web security crisis

according to the verification, the Internet and pornography related sites have reached 380 million, a large number of pornographic sites spread pornographic content, eroding the purity of the network, but also to bring some harm to young people.

In fact,

mostly with yellow web Trojan and virus, many porn sites in order to increase the click rate and traffic, the malicious code are set in their own web pages, as long as the visitors open web links, will be illegal to modify IE settings, the default page immediately into yellow site, or often rather baffling pop-up many pornographic web pages, let you are not shut off. This is still relatively light, a lot of sites with trojan virus, which has its own webmaster, there are hackers left. Once caught, it is likely that you will be in control of your machine.

why are there so many security problems in the Yellow site?


is closely related to the economic interests of the company, the huge profit for those illegal stationmaster always enjoy it.

two, yellow website has become the method of some hacker attacks under, we all know that without legal protection of pornographic websites, so hackers won’t be afraid to police, maybe it will become anti hero.

The primary stage of

three, the real attack hackers yellow web master is not under, they know the yellow website popularity, through the invasion site selling traffic yellow horse, get a lot of illegal income.

four, other reasons

time, writing is not much, mainly to advise you to comply with state laws: safety first!)

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