Anhui General Assembly return feeling

yesterday was fortunate to participate in the Anhui general assembly, with 40 thousand representatives of the Anhui station of the 400 gathered in the hall, a lot of feelings, and friends together to share admin5.

1 Anhui is very beautiful, a mountain road water show, up to Anhui, Mount Huangshan and Mount Jiuhua, as well as Anhui outstanding. Anhui is really beautiful. Anhui people are very simple.

2 conference every 5 minutes, each of the speakers. Have fun smart, even advertising also listen to with relish.

3 units held many Yanhuang girl, very beautiful, like the Huangmei Opera Troupe, in their company’s men unpaid estimates are highly motivated.

4 grassroots grassroots webmaster general assembly, representatives are all full to either Anhui or the hooligan graph king refused to fish swim, Wang Chenyun wide…… There are a lot of elite Anhui north and south.

5 station is so out of the exercise, the meeting is finished, should have time to relax, punk, night 12 point train rushed to Zhengzhou, and is also the night back to Xuzhou Wang map. The webmaster is struggling.

6 money concept, each guest also mentioned the site to make money. Personal Adsense era, has to start from the hobby to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship compared to consider profitability, to survive, must make money, fast money is the focus of development must be.

7 conference is very easy, whether it is a lottery, someone said pumping 50-60 Prizes a waste of time, in fact, this is an easy opportunity to exchange, when the table is too interactive, transforming from the pure atmosphere of the meeting to exchange the atmosphere, when you walk, you will not to feel the atmosphere of the rigorous atmosphere, in addition alimama Zhenyu all exercises link drive is also good, recommended after each meeting, dozing in the audience, we do exercises together.

8 after the general assembly of the class prizes or realistic point, do not use virtual items, because there are many owners can not use. For example, systems, etc.. Or directly on the value of all goods. This is more practical.

9 domain class website, industry class website has become the mainstream of the future, the web site back to the sound of the network platform more.

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