nternet giant layout intelligent hardware platform developers worry into a puppet

Internet Co intelligent hardware platform features

reporter Ji Jiapeng Beijing reported

what is the most popular direction of entrepreneurship in China in 2014, there is no doubt that intelligent hardware.

according to market research firm ON World recent research report shows that by 2018, the global smart watch sales alone will reach 330 million, more than in 2013 of 4 million. While the entire wearable devices, smart home and even car field, the market will be more huge.

China’s Internet Co will not easily miss this huge market. Recently, Tencent, WeChat, Jingdong and Alibaba (scroll information) have shot, the introduction of intelligent hardware platform to attract developers access. The early lineup, is intelligent hardware industry in the cradle in the tube, the giant ambitions have been clearly visible.

platform value

with a strong electricity supplier channels, intelligent hardware platform provided by the Jingdong and Ali basically covers from production to sales of all in one service; and Baidu, millet is currently in the layout of the investment stage; while the 360 play is still relatively unclear, only launched its own brand of intelligent hardware, some developers think that with the the increasing amount of data, data security issues have become increasingly prominent, 360 may will be "safety" as a pretext to attack intelligent hardware.

is currently one of the most watched platform WeChat. WeChat’s approach is to make intelligent hardware in the form of public service number, WeChat synchronization, intelligent hardware data management, and will open up these data with WeChat’s social relations, provides the user with a circle of friends to share etc.. In addition to the public number can be used to replace the App to do data management, public numbers can be achieved from the information settings, data logging analysis, and docking Jingdong channels.

Jingdong launched the intelligent hardware platform is quite similar, users simply use the Jingdong cloud assistant App can manage all of the intelligent hardware access to the platform. This approach to build App developers, to some extent, so that the hardware entrepreneurs to reduce the cost of the development of App, more focused on the development of hardware, and users do not need to re download the installation of other App.


platform provides social relationships to attract developers in droves, medical cloud co-founder Guo Hui said that word-of-mouth social relationships contribute to the formation of products, in addition to the role of the channel for hardware sales have more space, while the hardware sales determines the possibility of transforming the late business model, and now they have access to Jingdong and WeChat two large platform.

and many manufacturers access to the purpose of intelligent hardware platform as well as funding, channels and supply chain demands.

magic Teng Technology CEO Wang Hao to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said that at present there is no one in the country dedicated to innovative products in the channel website, the electricity supplier platform needs to be stocked

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