A group of nternet anti vice police circle of people in the busy rumor

yesterday Beijing police announced that in accordance with the law on multiple sites suspected of prostitution illegal and criminal activities of prostitution investigation, the suspect hundreds of.


a seemingly simple social news, but why it triggered the Internet industry shock it?

is the cause of this is the closure of the club is the nature of the entertainment, providing models, public relations, women’s business secrets and other services. One of them called "poly club", it was revealed (poly Club) is a stronghold of the Yangtze River Business School, but also the stronghold of Internet investors, Internet Co CEO half of the."

short remarks has attracted countless people daydream, have caught the industry heavyweights? Would also open on Monday? Some people even made a list, but do not point out the name, attracted everyone competing brain speculation.


, of course, also seems to be in order to disassociate themselves, some of the chiefs spoke publicly in micro-blog WeChat, implying that he was not involved in the.



is also very straightforward.


also has a circle of friends reported peace.


easy to think, gossip, by the end of the fun, right when the joke, do not be too serious. Don’t say, go to small KPI.

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