Student master Dream grows with the network

has such a group: age is not big, the experience is not deep, the network age is not short. When the majority of peers are indulged in online games inextricably bogged down in, they are diligent in Internet cafes to open up hope. Although the technology is still immature, not the exclusive equipment, or only in my spare time, but the conditions of the poor and can not stop their enthusiasm for the network. They are not full-time network practitioners, there is no fixed income, but with the passion of youth, there is a young and dream of the heart. Failure is the norm in them, in the Internet world they pursue their success in their own way. They do most of the time due to accident, more love. The network make their life colorful. This special group is the student.

if it is not Ali mother set up a moving campus, common growth platform, it is difficult to understand the audience of students who have a rich inner world. Enjoy the rainy season are college students, and network has the indissoluble bound with the computer from the second day. The first time frontpage making use of static pages, to today’s independent development Piaoran forum, along with the age growth day by day, the network technique is more and more mature. And her peers in the famous floating forum, this is her most proud thing. Recall the fate of their own and the network, enjoy the rainy season, said: every time a fresh attempt, every success of happiness, bring great joy and satisfaction. All this is due to the network.

network in the eyes of adults is an industry, but in the eyes of the students it is no longer cold and tasteless, but full of warmth, of course, there are regrets helpless. Practitioners have to know to do very tired, tired say that is false, but the student webmaster still feel happy. A webmaster on the Internet every day, whether it is learning CSS or PS, in the absence of class, always sitting next to the computer to study things. I don’t even have time to spend with my family, my girlfriend, and eventually lose my girlfriend. But he still feels happy: "the Internet makes me feel that life is so full. The site carries all my dreams, and in my years of growing up there is a kind of luck."

has a song that sings: "you have a dream, you have to go after it.". For this group in the growth of the webmaster, they need to encourage, but also need to vent. We need to vent, we only criticize. This is the May wheat fields full of original text. Such a powerful voice does not come from thinkers, but from the mouth of the student master, into the eyes of millions of Internet users. When the society defines them as children, they have begun to express their thoughts of freedom in the network, through their own efforts to harvest another success. The Internet makes them grow.

as the saying goes: the sparks of fire can start a prairie fire. The owners of the activities of the mother of Ali by a voice, in moving the public at the same time also touched us on the road. In the accompanying website overnight time, the students left a lot of webmaster, who moved to tears, those happy smile, even those silent heartache. And the most precious is the friend that comes from it

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