Drops close to the completion of a new round of financing valuation of over 25 billion

[Abstract] sources said, is expected to be completed before the end of the month financial capital, Tencent and Ali were involved in this round of financing.

Tencent Francisco April 8th, foreign media quoted sources as saying, China local taxi drops fast to complete the application of a new round of financing, the size of more than $1 billion 500 million, the valuation of the company more than $25 billion.

sources said the biggest shareholder at this stage is fast, social networking companies Tencent and electricity supplier giant Alibaba are involved in the current round of financing.

sources said, the new and old investors to inject drops quickly with strong demand, is expected this round of financing will be completed before the end of this month.

in February this year, there are foreign media reports, drops are planning to raise $1 billion, the company’s valuation will be more than $20 billion.

due to the global economic downturn, a lot of start-ups around the world, and even some of the difficulties in raising funds on Silicon Valley companies. In this regard, the fast is undoubtedly an exception. In February 2015, when the merger was quick, the company valued at $6 billion, and since then it has soared. Investors believe that the company will be able to attract more Chinese consumers to use their services to achieve profitability.

The background of the

‘s quick round of financing is that investors have become more cautious because of fluctuations in China’s stock market and slowing economic growth, resulting in a slowdown in private investment in China’s technology sector. According to the AVCJ Research statistics, in the past six months, such investors totaled about $4 billion 500 million, down from $6 billion 700 million a year earlier.

venture capital investors said that when more new capital inflows, such as the industry leader, such as drops fast, other failed to dominate the start-up companies face difficulties in financing.

for China taxi market, large Internet Co Chinese local team to choose sides. Drops fast supporters for the Tencent and the Alibaba, and drops the rival fast taxi originator Uber UberChina Hua Zi corporation investors Baidu.

in the rapid development of the taxi market, drops fast and UberChina compete for customers and investors keen competition. The two companies provide substantial subsidies for drivers and customers.

although the two companies hold different views on specific data, but the current fast in China’s taxi market dominance, which is also part of the private car ahead of UberChina. Not only with the rapid UberChina positive competition, it also launched the bus and other services on behalf of driving. As of January, Didi fast has been operating in more than 400 cities in china.

UberChina financing $1 billion 200 million last year, valued at more than $8 billion. Drops fast in September last year to complete the latest financing, the scale of $3 billion, the valuation reached 1>

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