Micro blog marketing considerations and how to get the maximum profit

before I write about micro-blog WeChat’s operations, and how to get the size and contact, but we do these are still far from enough. We pick up the time will find that now the customer choice is more and more wide, these customers not only require the quality and price of the number, but also need a large number of customers to choose.

we do for a long time will find that now, whether it is micro-blog or WeChat, as long as it is more than a single pick, the number may die. In fact, we do this piece of resources is still more trouble, we need not only a little bit of resources on the hand, we also need to constantly update, update the content as long as the following:

1 each number of fans

we are in the customer’s resources, it should include micro-blog, micro-blog links and fans. Fans reference number is based on the number of fans and the name of micro-blog, which is the amount of fans is very important. We may find that a larger than a month’s time, he may be the number of fans will rise tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand, and some to go thousands of thousands of fans or even more. So we have to update the amount of these fans, the amount of fans is mainly based on the number of selected reference number and quality, but also a reference standard for our pricing.

2 latest offer for each number

although micro-blog is not as good as before the fire, but his price is basically rising every month. So we need to contact the owner to get the latest offer. Some of us are directly to offer to clients, so if we do not update the price, our price is lower than the cost, if it is encountered such a situation, we either tell customers the latest price is not updated, or not to do this. Or say that the number has been scheduled or can not be issued. So the price is very important, directly linked to our interests. To be on the safe side, we do not want to send the customer when the price of resources, when customers choose the number after we offer, so as to ensure our own interests.

3 the number of each reading forwarding

we refer to a number of times, in addition to our fans two, but also need to refer to the quality of this number. If there is a number he has hundreds of millions of fans, but his forwarding volume is only a few or a dozen words, then this number is not normal, can be judged as junk. For what we can ignore, if we still use the size of this price to the customer, so the customer value will not be realized, spent big price but not transformation, it is very difficult to form two cooperation, so we should be the customer’s brother high quality. Do not rule out some customers do not need to transform, but the number of forwarding number, and a number of content requires a large number of forwarding. Therefore, we usually need to accumulate some low price to prepare such a single.

4, each micro-blog name < >

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