We’re so wrong

what we think is a key problem of website ranking effect? The updated content keyword density, or path of immobilization and so on, in fact, recently the author Dennis started thinking, before we blindly follow the rules of the algorithm have been pointing forward, the results of the site and there are a lot of problems, optimize our view of what is right or


in the search engine to change the algorithm, we also use their own optimization technology to follow up, in order to stabilize the site. Whether to continue the chain detection of website content update and the chain, actually the website marketing effect does not seem obvious effect. We are still the most common enterprise station optimization analysis.

most of the time we listen to optimize some Adsense tools on the website of the merger, chain code to delete, in fact these problems of the optimization of the more than and 200 factors is almost zero, we just blindly superstition in its importance to that website optimization programs it will be ranked rapidly. And the outcome, presumably not the author Dennis for example, we should know that, ranking or website traffic and not because of these changes and improved.

again, for many of the site’s path that the fixed path is conducive to optimization, so the first thing to receive the site is to change the site path to static or pseudo static form. It is not necessary, we just think too much of the subconscious path parameters dynamically, and for search engines but is fleeting operation. Instead the urgent change site will form the inherent path instead of static or pseudo static is precisely the impact site optimization. So, if the site is on the line you do not need to be static or pseudo static. This is easy because of the large path modification was K station.

maintenance of the website we do the most is the content of the update and the chain of production. Because the algorithm of the rule change, SEOer for the content of the attention began to improve, but for a station you don’t need to update every day, as long as the content reaches a certain amount can, need not too much snapshot. You know for the enterprise stand for, is a snapshot shows unspoken rule, even if some content is included also will replace the information is displayed, we still see these data, can’t hurt. To know the source of the network environment, want to make high quality original really difficult, and find a flood of false original to others reduce the website quality as do some users need something. For example, product information, product solutions, etc..

finally, we analyze the advantages of the chain production brought to the site where? The chain limit has been great, and now is making chain in order to increase website weight rather than through the chain to enhance the site exposure rate. At the same time we know that the chain is also a life cycle, and now a lot of platform information on the site of the chain on the increasingly stringent requirements, we can not guarantee that the next

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