On the marketing of the two most effective ways to promote

in our network development to the present, whether it is the development of the development of the Internet or other marketing mode in the promotion on electronic commerce, so far in the Internet, I believe there are a lot of companies know that the Internet has a huge wealth, so how to score such a big piece of cake, is what we should do today, remember to read the news that the Tencent force business platform, is expected to 2015, the amount of online transactions will reach 150 billion, which will increase to 2-3 times faster, can not say that the network will become the main mode of the future, is a direction of development, but we must face the direction. When each of our companies have a website, then how should the specific marketing it, here, I talk about their views on it.

: there are 2 on the blog marketing; blog marketing, one is, the third party platform, one is since the establishment of the blog, the third party platform with the help of sina, promotion and so on 163 big promotion platform, and we must face is good, here a little mention is that if a enterprise to conduct propaganda words in blog, independent blog is a good choice, if able to do a blog on the long tail keywords of the blog, and then through the blog flow is a way to remember, there is a good way, master – products —- specific experience in such a way as to blog, blog a large number of sprocket construction, so as to increase the weight of the main station, so my advice is to establish an independent blog; then how can there be a better way to people, is a ranking, but ranking The fundamental purpose is the content of the readability of the website, this is what we get ranked at all, because your blog is not spam blogs, no garbage, must get every intention of customers, in order to build brand effect, this is a must. On the blog, have a lot to learn, I remember that I have a friend let me see a blog is a successful marketing case, enter the blog look directly into the eye is a picture, some recent Tutu personal situation, there are a number of activities, travel, etc. there are pictures the truth is, these photos accompanying life is the best, with life close to fashion this is the key of blog marketing.

actually each site should correspond with your blog to retain some of the visitors, if a website to do good, in order to use the site to flow to keep visitors, special love DZ, because of its user experience effect is very obvious, every user experience brings the effect is very strong the forum, community, regional, and so on, the way we are all familiar with, so the traffic to the website and blog marketing mutual up is our marketing objective

two: quiz promotion; quiz promotion is a way that we often use in the group, today I have said, of a product, Baidu know actually occupy 4 position, seemingly ranked Baidu know of the weight and improve the importance of Baidu, is the ranking problem, also know, can guide the flow by knowing these flow >

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