Want to know the essence of social marketing t’s all in the city story


social media was born, many enterprises have been obsessed with based on social media to make excellent communication, Niubi, but until today, good social communication, has extensive influence are numbered. In fact, social communication is not the earliest spread of social media based on social media before the birth, the spread of social relations in real life based on a lot of let our memories, and many of these enterprises than in the spread of social media is more influential.

in the "creative" let more viscous a book, a "American city story" impressed me, this story has many versions, but probably this is the story of a man to the bar, see a pretty girl at the bar. The girl and the man approached and asked him to go to the hotel, in the hotel, two people began to drink, a man drunk in the past. He woke up and found their kidneys were removed.

this story is so popular that it had spread to China, similar Chinese version is based on the story of localization: Sichuan has 1 college girls go to celebrate on Saturday night. She felt very happy and drank a lot of wine, when a young man sat in front of her. In the boy’s flirting, the girls finally agreed to go with this handsome home near the hotel, and opened a private room. In the room, the girls drank more wine, and she began to feel sober, and then fell asleep. When the girl woke up, found himself naked in the bathtub, and the bathtub full of ice. Bath next to a piece of paper, written in red "hit 120, otherwise you will die!" after the call the doctor told her that her kidney was cut away.  


cut the kidney steal story is a successful social communication, it even crossed the ocean from America spread to China (contrast "ice water challenge", it is from the United States had come to China, but the duration is not so, enduring stories).

When the

city stories appeared in the United States, the social network was not born, it spreads from people in social relations in the mouth, as well as traditional media, tabloid magazine, if there is social dissemination of this concept, then the stories must be a very successful social communication.

a Chinese urban story

I still remember a story about the SARS period in 2003, which I call the city story of china. SARS in 2003 triggered a panic when the market spread a lot against SARS, for example at home every day with disinfectant, such as buy universal radix. A city in which the story is: one day at midnight, a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby, the baby was born a side to speak, said he was sent by God to save the SARS disaster, as long as the boiled bean soup in the midnight before drinking can fight against sars.

when and where the story begins

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