O2O difficult food and beverage industry downward trend downward

in recent years, the term O2O is becoming more and more common, we can not only in the IT related information column to see its presence, and even in some comprehensive news page can easily see. Of course, the next line of business with the drainage line in this way, can bring a lot of orders, but whether O2O can solve the catering industry trend downward sleepy? The author thinks that it is very difficult, after all, when an economic cycle, the reshuffle still needs to be shuffled.

, a "private meal", which is good or bad?

the bad cook, since the group purchase after eating out of the opportunity to add a lot, but found a very obvious trend: more and more restaurants show group purchase, not because the group purchase bring strong popularity, but popularity is a downward trend.


months after entering in 2014, the author has even tried several times to "make the meal taste. This increasingly common scenario, so that the author of the role of O2O have been thinking.

"restaurant meal" is what mean? Is actually a huge restaurant inside, only a table, several waiters around the service on your side for you, including the floor manager, and the waiter to send food aunt, the staff will be more than the number of customers.

, however, such a business miserable restaurant, not because the environment is not good, after all, this author tried several times to "make the meal" belong to the star hotel level, but the price is not expensive (group purchase price of less than 200 yuan), and even WIFI, the service attitude is also very good.

but why have so many advantages of the restaurant will be such that maybe we should keep going by painstaking effort, from the market to explain the economic cycle.

two, the operating rules of the market economy cycle

any industry has its own market economy cycle, but some industry economic cycle will be relatively short, and some will be longer.

a normal business cycle is a period of prosperity, recession, depression and recovery in four stages. I very love of economic history, because the author believes that human economic history can reflect a lot of things, after all, the sun does not have any new things, the history of reincarnation often have the same.

because I do not have the business cycle of the food and beverage industry in the operation of the law, it can only be used as an economic barometer of the stock market diagram to illustrate.


we can see from the above picture, 998 to 6124 points here, belong to the A-share market has been prosperous, in fact, from more than 4000 points we can think that A shares have entered the stage of irrational prosperity. Then from 6124 to 1664 this stage is the rapid decline of the recession. The cycle of recession is characterized by very fast and relatively short time

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