Jiang Likun exchange links to the ultimate skills Daquan

push a forum website diagnostic Forum opened so far, has been a free diagnosis of nearly 1000 sites, and in the promotion of the entry section, every day will produce a lot of problems. The author found that many of these problems are repeated, especially some basic issues, almost every day someone asked. So jianglikun decided to have some very common, we are very concerned about the problem to organize into the article, to facilitate learning. Today, it is said that one of the highest degree of concern, exchange links and do the chain.

a, the purpose of the exchange links

1, upgrade PR. This is the most fundamental purpose of exchange links. If you know what is the PR value, please see the following NOUN explanation.

2, improve keyword ranking. This is one of the purposes, its importance does not have to say, the keyword optimization techniques, see the previous article "Jiang Likun: how to improve keyword rankings in the search".

3, improve site weight. This is very important, only your weight is high, the search engine will pay attention to you.

4, improve visibility. This is more targeted, for some specific sites and specific circumstances, will achieve this effect. For example, an unknown new sites, if you can do with sina, SOHU, YAHOO, NetEase, Tencent and other large portals do all the links, then certainly its visibility and brand image is a great improvement.

5, improve traffic. This is almost negligible, but the reason to write, because many people have a misunderstanding, think for Links is to increase traffic, so here Links serious correction, for the traffic improvements help is very small, if the IP Links brings can affect the traffic to your site, the this site is not necessary to survive is debatable. In fact, I just learn to build a website, it is also considered that: (

two, what is a good link

1, Alexa rankings. Alexa represents the flow of the rankings, of course, some people say that many of the site’s ranking is obtained by cheating, look at this meaningless. There is a ranking of the site does not necessarily have traffic, but there is no ranking site traffic. As for the rankings and how high the site is suitable for exchange, there is no clear standard, I do not think that your site than the low ranking too much.

2, pr. This represents the weight of the site, only with the weight of the site to exchange links, will enhance their weight. Generally speaking, as long as the other than you can change the height of the PR value. But I believe that at least 4 should be regarded as a quality link.

3, visibility. The other side of the site is best to have a certain degree of visibility, or have a certain influence in the industry.

4, relevance. The theme of each other’s Web site and our website has a certain

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