A good time for the national day website promotion

National Day is coming, another good opportunity to promote the site, you can seize it?

the content of the national day of your website, promotion, marketing tools, SEO…… Are you ready


I help a Nanjing regional website "in Nanjing real community" planning the National Day special topic "National Day Nanjing Raiders"

according to the site positioning analysis thematic positioning

1 National Day content features

2 site is Nanjing regional, the theme to reflect local characteristics

What are the local characteristics of the


3 National Day, Nanjing, play the extension of the three keywords

National Day special entry point

1 National Day Blessing SMS, National Day holiday notice……

2 Nanjing local characteristics

eat in Nanjing

drink in Nanjing

play in Nanjing

music in Nanjing

3 National day after the holiday syndrome


I am mainly based on the "real life in Nanjing community," the site to help plan the National Day theme, the National Day theme can not be limited to my ideas.

, for example, many websites do National Day SMS blessing SMS, SMS funny websites do special design; National Day material; tourism website National Day special tourism routes; food web topic National Day food safety; consumer website National Day consumer protection special

, etc.

well, for so much, so only, welcome Paizhuan,

communication and guidance!

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