Telecom operators contest to the nternet is facing resistance

Mobile: want to set up Internet Co; China Telecom: eight base company operation

IT Times reporter Hao Junhui

as China Telecom (micro-blog) by independent base company eight, tries to join the Internet giant gene, and a communication operators try to walk the road of Internet: recently there is news that China Mobile (micro-blog) will be the 9 major business base combined to set up Fifth specialized sub company, Internet Co". Following the field of mobile, fixed network, the two operators are likely to meet again in the field of Internet, this time, who will go a little faster?

mobile learn to spend

August 17th, China Mobile announced in the first half of 2012 earnings report, the report shows that in the first half of China Mobile revenue reached 266 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%, net profit of $62 billion 200 million, an increase of 1.5%. And this is not very satisfactory. The report also disclosed, is mobile and iFLYTEK information Polytron Technologies Inc on the subscription of new shares and strategic cooperation launched a preliminary consultations with earlier media reports of "Internet Co", and value-added services, is of uniform logo can be seen in the mobile Internet strategy, recent moves frequently.

"mobile is slowly learning how to spend huge amounts of cash it holds." Senior telecommunications industry analyst Fu Liang (micro-blog) think. With the outbreak of the China Mobile communication market, China Mobile has accumulated a huge amount of cash in a few years, although it has invested in Phoenix, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the wide dissemination of investment will also recently finalized, but Fu Liang believes that the investment is more out of capital and policy considerations for mobile business support but limited. Can be corroborated, before a few times after the investment, the industry was generally optimistic about the mobile payment and video business, but not too much and is directly related to the investment object, and launched CMMB business wide spread, in recent years the performance is not good.

but iFLYTEK is different, this is China Siri called the Internet Co, not only business products mature, and mobile business is a natural fit, "moving on its capital, will support the formation of the existing business." Fu Liang believes that this means that the move is trying to increase their weight in the Internet field, the significance of the establishment of Internet Co is also true."

two operators face common resistance

however, the China Telecom and try to inject the Internet gene, the transformation of China Mobile suffered the same question: traditional operators can change the thinking, how to coordinate the relationship between the Internet Co and the company, the new company is the introduction of talent can not sticking to formalities…… In the establishment of an independent branch of the road, China Telecom go a little earlier, it faces the problem and resistance, with considerable representation.

at the end of March this year, the China Telecom established a cloud computing company, its "

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