Gu Yongqiang chairman of the outgoing CEO Youku potatoes and excellent bid to enter the era of Ali

October 31st, Ali issued an internal letter revealed a series of Alibaba cultural and entertainment group of the latest changes in personnel.


Ali al entertainment strategy and investment committee chairman koo. Source: Vision China

Youku potatoes power formally completed.

October 31st, Alibaba group Zhang Yong released internal letter said, by Yu Yongfu served as Alibaba Culture Entertainment Group (chips) chairman and CEO, under the charge of UC, including Youku, Ali pictures, Ali al Zhang Yong report to the entertainment sector.

at the same time, excellent soil founder Victor Koo also officially relegated to excellent soil behind, turn to do strategic investment, "to build and run billion industry fund". It is understood that Youku potatoes has invested 30 companies this year, the amount of investment reached $1 billion 200 million.

also marks the end of the era of excellent soil represented by Victor Koo, officially transferred to the hands of the younger generation represented by Yang Weidong. And under the leadership of Yu Yongfu, the cultural entertainment group service Alibaba. In the autumn of October 27th Youku investment conference, Yang Weidong accepted an interview with reporters at the interface has described the direction of the next best soil.

Yang Weidong said: at present, the pursuit of excellent soil is not immediately listed, nor the pursuit of short-term return on investment. Ali is patient and strategic throughout the entertainment industry. Ali, big entertainment could be the important role of business, after the service of the golden ant."

Yang Weidong, the present work is the overall strategy combing Ali music, including Ali after the star how to play, the next will be helmed by Yang Weidong, to find a more clear layout. Overall, excellent soil will have a better linkage with ALI music.

Ali explained that Gu Yongqiang will withdraw from the specific business throughout the industry, by virtue of the culture and entertainment industry remarkable understanding and forward-looking, to build and run billion industry fund.

Alibaba Culture Entertainment Group (chips) will be "big entertainment work leading group, the business development, including: Youku potatoes, UC, Ali Ali Ali pictures, music, sports, games, literature, Ali Ali Ali digital entertainment division.

official mail with Zhang Yong

members Ali:

I am pleased to announce that today, the Alibaba group in the cultural entertainment strategy has taken a very solid step Group officially launched the establishment of Alibaba culture entertainment group, while raising the size of more than ten billion yuan in the entertainment industry fund, long term investment firm culture and entertainment industry in the future.

this also means that Ali ecology in the evolving process of development, but also bred a new breed of ecological – cultural and recreational ecology.

cultural entertainment

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