08 years personal Adsense will be more difficult to make money

from 2001 to 2003, the Asian FriendFinder free membership woman $2 male 1 dollars, all kinds of click mail money surfing union at that time can be said to be beyond count, a $picking time.

03 years with the bursting of the dotcom bubble, the collapse of a large number of companies. A lot of people living on Wangzhuan faced with no income crisis.

turn appeared, the arrival of the SP era, this era, so that a large number of individual owners earn enough. By modifying the union code, allowing users to register a mobile phone automatic registration ten business alliance, it is money, can earn more than and 100 dollars a registered. This time NetEase SMS alliance, Sohu SMS alliance, TOM SMS alliance is still very good. And then the 21CN broadband alliance, the other small companies like general.

takes up with the banner of anti yellow (it was a lot of stationmaster are registered by induction, such as 51see, and later because the pornographic website caught in Henan Nanyang a friend of this type to a swap chain beyond count, find a lot, and now there seems China netizens SB really a lot of information industry). The Department began to strike SP. Another wave has passed.

is next to the legend of the era of popular, many owners began to sell the horse theft account on the site, a QQ friend each flow to buy equipment to sell stolen by horse, a month can earn 400 thousand, I am timid, dare to do.


, Google AdSense and a China landing, earn $era, until now, Google AdSense is still the first choice of personal websites to make money, the domestic league is Baidu alliance, the other all don’t consider, not a liar is a liar.

Internet is a low threshold of the industry, 1 dollars to buy a domain name, tens of dollars to buy a space, you can build a website to make money, and now the employment so difficult, so in 08 years there will be a large number of people entering the industry, which is why the station, then the fire source station the reason.

more people into the industry, will lead to a greater choice of alliances, they have a lot of money, cheat money. Individual owners will be exploited by capitalists.

where is the way out?

e-commerce, think of ways to sell the product, you can directly honor the income, do not have to suffer the pain of the league only monthly commission (get rid of the K account if you do not have the Commission)

direct contact with customers pulling ads, see Admin5, Hefei, 55bbs behind, fish, and so on, which is not a very easy monthly income of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

so professional and then professional, subdivision and subdivision, simple and simple, focus on focus and then can be successful.

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