Simple four strokes on the promotion of the shop

      the first company for advertising in the media, including television advertising, Internet advertising, outdoor advertising and so on, this kind of propaganda are generally large companies to promote affordable, generally small companies because of limited funds, so not too much money on advertising.

      second kinds: search engine marketing. This is also divided into two kinds, one is in the search engine keywords PPC, buy keywords. One is for the search engine website SEO optimization. The two methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Search engine marketing is generally used in small and medium-sized companies, but also a more effective way, because according to the survey site 70% of the traffic is from the search engine.

      third kinds: by the website business personnel to each big forum, blog, post bar, etc.. This is the way many small sites initially adopted. This approach is also very effective, but for a website branding is not very favorable. Now a lot of big forum, but you can not completely write ad posts, you have to learn to write soft.

      for the blog, I think there are two:

      1 a convenient search engine, such as Sina, Sohu, Baidu space, it is recommended that these are the establishment of A. These will give you a lot of traffic.

      2 is targeted to bring traffic. Such as Taobao blog, Tietai community manager, these are open for the majority owner of the blog. Taobao is the largest C2C platform, Tietai wholesale network as the first comprehensive wholesale network platform, these visitors every day is also the basic needs of people, it can bring a large part of the flow of people. Post bar, now Baidu post bar is very good, every day is quite large flow.

      Fourth: openness, cooperation, win-win. This is my view of the development of the site has always insisted. This development model is particularly useful in the early stages of development. Website development early must cooperate with other website, on the one hand to improve their website traffic, on the other hand, can improve the site’s visibility and reputation. There are several ways of cooperation, one is the activities of cooperation, such as their website with other sites together to engage in a certain event. One is: advertising cooperation, two sites for advertising swaps. One is resource cooperation. For example, channel cooperation, such as Sohu, Sina, NetEase and other portals channel is to cooperate with a lot of sites, content from the content of the site. There are other cooperation, such as technical cooperation, etc.. The cooperation is a very good way of website development, is a win-win mode, is a kind of leveraging behavior. (Editor: admin>

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