After the founding of the do not lie the new media reports of real estate financing companies

"a group of children, young and beautiful" is the pencil of self evaluation, "do not sell advertising, do not sell soft, not to sell FA, not to sell the course" is that they adhere to the slogan. Adhere to the "the founding team of new media don’t lie" the earliest including two beautiful girl and a handsome boy, they are lucky to "fix" a man — headhunting network CEO Dai Kebin, won 500 thousand yuan start-up capital. 5 months later, they received a $4 million 800 thousand Angel round investment, reported a total of 200 entrepreneurs, reading up to 2 million 400 thousand. On the one hand, they firmly believe that the pencil Road, the name can bring the money will be lucky, on the other hand, they have not yet thought of a good profit model, but the next one or two years, but also a muscle child ran the content go.

announces true financing for burst point

we shout to do not lie in the media, get the people

Beijing morning news: in August 10th last year, you rely on an article harvest 700 users, the next step is very smooth. Now look back, these articles are based on luck or other


Wang Fang: at the beginning, we did not intend to spread the article, and later entrepreneurs to see and share colleagues, some of the senior media people have begun to spread, the article click over. We may think it is a wisp of wind, a group of children, do things seem to conform to the general trend forwarded. In fact, compared to traditional media, entrepreneurial media is not standardized. Take things to do more things to do, not only to sell advertising, but also sell courses, soft Wen, FA (financial advisor), investment, etc.. So the content is packaged to a deeper level, entrepreneurs can not see the truth. We call out to do not lie in the media, get people.

Beijing morning news: the entrepreneurial process of the difficulties encountered? What is the

crossed the bank?

Wang Fang: in fact, the third day of ammunition has finished, no big release, we have been sitting in the office, look at each other. We wanted to be able to have a modular article, writing it interview not laborious, production rate is high, in order to maintain the daily influence. Later inspired, if each article to declare real financing for the explosion point, the entrepreneurial process, writes entrepreneurs feasible? Forright investment related concept of shampoo plant then we write, the fans of less than 4000 of the click over a million. So we decided to continue this style, in October, from one to two per day.

at the same time, our second batch guide appeared. They are all major investment institutions, including IDG, FreeS, etc. they push for geeks, a large number of high-quality projects, has become a major source of pencil project.

4 million 800 thousand yuan Angel round of financing

talk business model is still a little early

Beijing morning news: Pencil road has just completed 4 million 800 thousand yuan Angel round of financing, the money is ready to spend?

Wang Fang: the money is in place

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