08 personal website must take the road of quality

07 years of Baidu strike behavior garbage station, many webmaster will force the steering road of boutique development website.

07 starting in the second half, Baidu finally picked up the knife and stabbed the number of garbage station. Although this behavior for many students to stand for the webmaster do garbage teeth, but no doubt, the Baidu of pure Internet cleaning is be of great advantage, for the majority of users, is a responsible behavior. There are indications that Baidu’s Web site has become more careful, a new station included estimated at about 20 days. Moreover, Baidu’s observation of the station will continue for some time, once the site is a large number of duplicate content or quality is not high, is likely to lead to ban. Baidu in order to improve their quality, to take various measures, is a kind of self-defense. Personal webmaster, time is limited, energy is limited, the site to take the road of development is the only way.

The so-called

boutique, I feel that we should pay attention to important points from small strokes. If you are an investor, you are always concerned about the dynamics of the stock market, the stock market should be more familiar. So you can do a stock site, according to their own experience and judgment, to collect or original content of the site, in order to attract the attention of many investors. If you are a language teacher, you must have a large number of original information, you can do the most familiar with the Chinese language site, such as the Chinese language you are more familiar with the college entrance examination, you can do a college entrance examination language resources. If my new college entrance examination language resources network, of course, can also do junior high school language network or high school language. Do boutique station, the most important principle is to combine their strengths and hobbies to do so, in order to do a long time, well done.

personal webmaster, 08 years is coming, let us act together, do boutique website.

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