Google search engine optimization link strategy

link popularity VS link popularity of
link score will result in the loss of the PR value
a supplement for   link analysis;
Internet index change rapidly change, its large capacity on the search engine update service is a test. The search engine also has been trying to seek innovative ways, such as related site widely basis of ranking, to offset the search engine spam tricks and manipulation by malicious page factors adverse competition results, to provide users with the most accurate and relevant search results to. Today, search engines (such as Google) have been able to provide excellent search experience for surfers by linking the degree of connectivity to their ranking algorithms.

link extensive degree VS link extensive degree analysis

a site’s link popularity is the total number of links on the site. Search engines must track these external links. Not long ago, people believed that a site’s link popularity was determined by the number of external links to the site". The number of external links, the more the more ranking.  
— first half part of this is the story of the search engine, and their software developers can not deaf, they are aware that there are many webmasters by false links and other unfair means to achieve the purpose of improving its ranking. So the search engine to abandon this kind of just look at the number does not look at the quality of the practice, instead of the extensive analysis of the link as one of the parameters to judge the site rankings.  
the so-called link popularity analysis (hereinafter referred to as the "link analysis") refers to the evaluation and Analysis on the quantity and quality of the link. The difference between link analysis and link popularity is that the degree of link popularity is the number of inbound links on a web site, while the link analysis covers the two aspects of the number and quality of external links. We can see that in dealing with a

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