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2014 IP fried fiery, and by the year 2015, the concept of IP began to be hot.

IP, is the abbreviation of Intellectual Property, meaning intellectual property rights. In the past year, IP entered the public view, and with the establishment of the ecological Internet Co, from the game industry gradually extended to animation, film and television, derivatives, literature and other fields.

IP can be comic works, literary works, original short films, or even just a concept. A good IP is of great commercial value, and it can be derived from a variety of creative entertainment products.

recently popular TV series "translator", "Ode to joy", "Mi month biography", "Nirvana in Fire", including the upcoming broadcast of the "city of fantasy", "grand track", "Tomb notes", "door", "Chu Chiu Joe" and so on, is adapted from a novel a.

China’s cultural industry in recent years, the government vigorously promote the

and various folk blitz has made rapid development in the Internet industry, under the guidance of domestic cultural industry chain has been formed, we put IP on the details of a split, the content provider, via the Internet games and our animation and so on some amplification, finally IP may have some liquidity channels, which have formed a very good closed loop.

according to statistics, in 2014 the domestic network literature output value reached 5 billion yuan, in 2016 is expected to reach the level of billions of dollars, a complete IP industry chain is forming. The most important source of IP is still in the hands of writers, the form of a good work began to diversify the form, so the realization of energy has doubled. A IP can only be adapted to early trading, now in addition to the film and television, but also for the game, and even create independent brand derivatives IP transaction, transaction volume from early one hundred thousand jumped ten million.


to the "Tomb notes" as an example, the traditional path is from literature creation to commercial publishing such a single process. This model is disposable, subject to the author. Nanpai Sanshu last, said it could not carry on micro-blog, no longer any literary activities". The new IP model is elongated IP industry chain, we see that the "Tomb notes" into television, and now a big movie.

look at each layout

1 Baidu literature was established in 2014, its aspect Chinese nets, 91 Panda Reader, Baidu bookstores sub brands are in a leading position in the network literature industry, has a large number of outstanding author resources and has accumulated a large number of high-quality IP literature, by hundreds of millions of Internet users favorite.

today, Baidu announced that Baidu’s strategic investment business into the perfect world literature group, the two sides will take literature as the connection point in the literary copyright business, business, investment and development, shadow tour tour video industry chain linkage etc..

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