Since the founding of the mainland’s largest online gambling case report poyue betting over 400 bill

Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau revealed the capture of gambling tools Suo Youwei photo

Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau disclosure 1, Guangdong police cracked the supervision of the Ministry of public security "221" large Internet gambling case, arresting 1071 suspects, frozen gambling 330 million yuan, seized a large number of web servers and other tools of crime. According to the Ministry of public security informed that the case since the founding of the mainland has cracked the largest online lottery gambling cases, the number of participants, gambling funds are the most.

Guangdong public security department said that since 2010, the Guangdong police found the eastern region has a large network of gambling gangs, peripheral gambling for the domestic high frequency lottery s.s.c, CANDU number. The police in this case to several special attack, captured a large number of gamblers, gambling, but because the site operator has a strong sense of anti detection, through overseas hire server, sent overseas technical staff to maintain a way to escape the police crackdown, CANDU staff after being captured, gambling sites continue to attract new immediately make only superficial changes, gamblers. Bet, so in recent years the combat effect has been less than ideal, not from the source to eliminate.

on the other hand, because the development team technology matures, gambling site constantly, from the traditional "lottery", "Liuhe color" and other peripheral lottery gambling into "Chongqing constant color, very happy Guangdong high frequency lottery lottery gambling peripheral. Due to the high frequency lottery lottery 84 day period, short period and period number, a short period of time to gather a large number of gambling money, serious harm to social stability. In recent years, the scope of participation in the cause of the Guangdong lottery gambling debts committed suicide, violence and other employees in arrears of wages and other events have occurred.

February 21, 2014, according to the Central Committee, the Ministry of public security requirements, the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province set up a special task force (code 221), to carry out special action to combat Internet lottery gambling case deployed in the province.

investigation, the gang organization rigorous, composed of complex. The gambling Gang is divided into two levels: one is the development of Internet gambling platform in Shantou, Zhang Mourong, Chen Moubiao et al. Criminal gang led by the national lottery very happy Guangdong "," Chongqing s.s.c "," Beijing express "(hereinafter referred to as" s.s.c ") and the Hongkong Liuhe lottery lottery results as the basis of underground gambling lottery, development, operation and maintenance of online gambling platform, through the platform rental, gambling pumping (rebate, commission) profit etc..

in the lease gambling platform organization gambling, gambling platform has become a banker by renting the downstream gambling company, Pyramid company structure company – Branch – shareholders – agent – agent and other members of the 6 level, line layers development based on acquaintance, layers of pumping profit, each set corresponding credit account according to the economic strength, to report on gambling sites, gambling money in reality by cash settlement.

many people involved in the gang, huge amount of money involved. After investigation, the network gambling group.

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